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Coroliss - Energy Essence

Coroliss - Energy Essence

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Coroliss Energy Essence Professional Care
Balance Scalp Professional system
Suitable for Hair loss & Thinned Hair conditions
Botanic Extract

Energy Essence is made with its essence formula, enriched with a wide variety of natural Chinese Herbal Extracts.
This provides active nourishment for the scalp and strand from the inside out.
With the use of modern Biotechnology, it promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair follicle tissue production and nutrition absorption.

Made with 100% natural ingredients with no hormone or living-organism components.

Spray energy essence onto scalp, spread throughout using hands, massage onto the scalp for 3-10minutes to promote dilation of the blood vessel and nutrition absorption from the hair spores.
Not required to wash off.
Advised to use 1 or 2 times daily.
This treatment course takes 10 days, and for even better results continue using for another 1-2 months.

Feel free to chat with us for any inquiries.

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