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Essence 5

Essence 5 - Anti-Brass Silver Shampoo

Essence 5 - Anti-Brass Silver Shampoo

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Essence 5 Anti-Brass Silver Shampoo

A brand new technology incorporating Violet Lavender Pigment from Japan. Using this will incorporate active pigments into yellow hair. With infused keratin and argan oil, protects the hair from excessive damage and improves yellow tone removal from the hair. This will lead to beautiful and silky silver tones.


Rinse the hair with water, after that apply a generous amount of the shampoo message well to ensure all the pigments are able to propogate into the hair. Massage for 3-5 minutes for best result. After massage leave the shampoo on for another 3-5 minutes. Lastly rinse off the shampoo and style as needed.


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