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Essence 5

Essence 5 - Max Color Cream

Essence 5 - Max Color Cream

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Cover white hair & Anti hair loss
Plant and herb formula, non-toxic
E5/2 - Black
E5/3 - Dark Brown
E5/4 - Light Brown

Incorporates ancient Chinese medicinal formula that contains a variety of herbal plant extracts that helps hair regain its lustre and shine.
Leaving the hair with long-lasting black colour.
Able to cover the hair of any colour from yellow to white.
Original ammonia-free formula.
Aromatic and irritant-free smell, easy on scalp.

Suitable range
Hereditary white hair, radiant white hair, physiological white hair, white hair with age, gray hair, cracked dry yellow, and chemical white hair after perming and dyeing.

1. Ensure that hair is dry (Do not use on wet hair)
2. Put on gloves as provided
3. Dispense the shampoo onto gloves )ensure that both transparent and black parts flow out)
4.Stir the shampoo in your hand till the shampoo is mixed well.
5.Stir the shampoo in your hand till the shampoo is mixed well.
Lather the shampoo onto hair for white hair and add till hair is fully covered
6. Gently rub the hair to ensure all parts of the hair is fully covered.
7. Leave the shampoo on hair for 8 to 10mins
8. Rinse away with water

Read precautions on box before usage.

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